What is Nonprofit Board Member Agreement?

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Dec 23

Each member of the board signs a nonprofit board member agreement.

The agreement lists all of the responsibilities for each board member. The contract serves as an outline for board members to follow when they take their role. The contract conveys the responsibilities of the organization and its relationship with the board too. The organization informs the board members of the organization’s core values, disagreement, debate, accountability, the relationship through contracts. To give you an idea of what the nonprofit member agreement contains, have a look at this sample contract:

  1. The member of the board will first have to show agreement with the organization’s goals and mission.
  2. They have to promise the organization to give their 100% best in fulfilling the goals of the organization.
  3. Each member of the board will represent the organization as a spokesperson and convey the responsibilities of the organization to the community.
  4. They will be responsible for interpreting the community’s values and needs to the organization and at times, speaking on their behalf.
  5. Each member of the board will be required to attend at least 75 percent of committee meetings, board meetings, and special events.
  6. They will be required to make a financial contribution to the organization without being asked by the organization to do so each year.
  7. They will show active participation in fundraising activities, attending at least one each year.
  8. Each member of the board has the right to excuse themselves from discussions they do not favor.
  9. They will take the responsibility of updating themselves on the status of the organization by asking relevant questions and information.
  10. They will raise a voice if they do not agree with a decision instead of staying silent.
  11. Each member of the board will make decisions regarding important policies and issues affecting the organization.
  12. As a member of the board, they will make the effort to participate in public elections when held by the organization, unless they have a relevant reason not to participate.
  13. They have to promise to work in harmony with other members of the board and staff of the organizations to work towards the attainment of goals.
  14. Each member of the board should understand that if they remain inactive in their role as a director on the board, the president of the board will contact them to discuss the responsibilities that have towards the organization.


The president of the board of directors will sign two copies of the nonprofit board member agreement contact, while newly appointment board member will also be asked to sign both copies of the contract. The president of the board will then keep one copy for himself and return the other copy to the board member. When the nonprofit board member agreement is signed, it assures the organization that the member has read the agreement and agrees with the terms and conditions mentioned in it.

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