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Board Software Features

Improve board meeting attendance, get faster communication, and know where all of your Board of Directors’ documents are — these are just a few of the time-saving benefits Board Management’s features provides. Here is a complete rundown of the things you can do with

Board Event Calendar

Schedules and Calendar

See upcoming and past events in one centralized place.

  • Add events with dates, times, date ranges, or all-day events.
  • Attach people to meeting/events and notify them when events are added.
  • Attach or use the agenda to create an agenda for the meeting.
  • Discuss events on their own self-contained page.
  • Attach notes, files, or images to any meeting/event.
  • RVSP to events you have been invited to attend.
  • Record meeting attendance within the event edit page.
  • Archive past meeting/events for future reference.
  • Chairperson or account administrator can view meeting report
Board Documents

Documents & Folders

Organize board documents, files, and other assets.

  • Create unlimited folders to keep thing organized.
  • Set permission who can access certain folders and files.
  • Drag and drop documents or files into folders to keep things organized.
  • Drag and drop to reorder – so they are easy for anyone to find later.
  • Upload files from comment, discussion or event and organize them in by folder.
  • Organize files by tags.
Board Tasks Management

Task Management

Help your board members help you by dividing and assigning work to be done.

  • Organize to-dos into lists.
  • Set due dates and date ranges.
  • Assign to one or more people.
  • Get task reminders for when they’re assigned and due.
  • Easily reorder for priority.
  • Add details, notes, or file attachments.
  • Comment directly on to-dos and to-do lists.
  • See what’s assigned to you and sort by date.
Board Forum & Discussions


Start a conversation and keep discussions focused and on-topic.

  • Post announcements, proposals, ideas and be sure everyone sees them.
  • Every topic gets its own page, so the entire conversation is easy to reference later.
  • Comments are delivered to your mailbox.
  • Reply to comments from your mailbox as if you were replying to any email message without logging in.
  • Conversation threads allow for deeper discussions.
  • Embed images and files right into messages.
  • Give everyone a chance to weigh in on their own time.
  • Reach consensus and keep important decisions on the record.
Board Members Directory

Members Directory & Committees

Get to know the other board members so you can get things done.

  • Set committees and assign board members to their respective committee
  • Access a complete list of all board members in your organization.
  • Know who’s who on your board — each board member has their own, unique profile.
  • Contact individual board members directly from their profile.
  • With one account (your email address), you can be part of as many organizations you like.
  • Reports help you get caught up on what your team is doing.
  • See what’s overdue and what’s coming up or due soon.
  • Find out what work was added and completed on any given day.
  • Check what’s on someone’s plate or what they’ve been up to recently.
Event Invite Notification


Be in the loop about everything — and be the board members who actually know what’s going on.

  • tells you about new meetings, events, comments, and discussions.
  • Notifications by email and you can reply to most notifications directly from your email.
  • Get reminders about upcoming meetings.
  • Get notified when a task is assigned and due.
Board Members Dashboard

Latest Activities

Get a bird’s eye view on what’s going on with the board when it’s happening.

  • See all the activity happening on your
  • Get live updates make sure you never miss a thing.
  • Stay organized – activities are grouped by day and organized as it happens.
  • See who’s coming to the next board meeting, completing tasks, kicking off new discussions, commenting on existing conversations, answering questions, etc.
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