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Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are often faced with the same problems: lack of streamlined communication, ownership of tasks by board members and volunteers, and overall organization of key documents and time spent. Board Management was born from the minds of people that have served on boards of nonprofit organizations – making it the perfect tool to solve those common issues. Board Management is a web-based tool that helps boards of directors to streamline communication, assign tasks to stakeholders, store documents, record meeting minutes, and more. We’ve developed this tool to help you bring your board to the next level and accomplish what’s really important: your nonprofit’s goal. For more information on how Board Management can help you run your board most effectively, see the solutions we’ve created below.

Animals Charities

Streamline Communication

With Board Management, gone are the days of “I didn’t knows” and endless reply all emails. Our software allows you and your members easy access to all communication. Simply login to Board Management and post a message. Include those that need to be included and you’ve got a string of back and forth messages – in one place – to hold those responsible accountable. Additionally, by using Board Management’s messaging, you’ll be able to easily access messages at a later date without digging through your inbox. Users will receive notifications when new messages are received and replied to, leaving no excuses for members and stakeholders for not being in the loop.


Calendars for Events and Milestones

Events are crucial to nonprofit organizations. In our experience, most nonprofits hold 2-3 major events each year, which accounts for a bulk of the fundraising dollars. With Board Management, you can keep all event planning tasks in one place. Create committees for each event to allow members to centralize communication, key dates, tasks, and more. Don’t trust your event planning to each members’ different Outlook calendars. Use Board Management to make sure your events are successful year-round and allow your nonprofit to accomplish major missions and goals.


Centralize Documents

PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets – we’re all familiar with these documents and their counterparts of endless updated versions. Using Board Management will allow your organization to store all the documents you need. You’ll no longer need to update that Annual Report PowerPoint and resend to an entire group over and over. Now, with Board Management, you can update your document, upload the newest version (replacing the old one), and notify all members of the updates – all without having to sort through a string of emails to find it. Space varies by plan, but if you need more, it’s easy to add.


Health not-for-profit board of directors

People depend on health charities to supplement the scientific research needed to find cures and improve treatment options for all kinds of health concerns. These organizations are the heartbeat of health awareness missions, and like all non-profit organizations, they tackle a lot to improve and save lives. Keep research streamlined with drag and drop organization, file storage and sharing, jump start discussions, and keep agendas disseminated and on track. Board Management has the capacity to be the pulse of your Board of Directors.


Education not-for-profit board of directors

Education is the foundation of our future, and education charities work hard to make sure that education at every stage is available, constantly improving, and a priority for everyone. Whether the charity is focused on education reform or scholarships and financial support, Board Management can help your education charity handle audits, reporting, and meetings with ease. Get organized, stay up-to-date, and manage operations effectively.


Arts & Culture not-for-profit board of directors

While it may be behind the scenes and simultaneously all around us, art and culture charities work to keep art and culture alive! Often with multiple locations (exhibit halls, performance studios, and museums), it can be a task to keep curated records accessible and shared with the right people. Get updated technology that can streamline files and documents, keep record books, attendance logs, and event details available at your fingertips. It’s safe, secure, and incredibly user-friendly. Even the most antiquated non-tech savvy individual can jump on board with Board Management.

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