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Welcome to Board Management, a tool to help your Board of Directors get more done.

Our Software is used by thousands of organizations throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, and is feature-packed with the tools you need to help you collaborate, run your underlying organization better, and accomplish tasks with ease.

All Board Members Organized & Informed

Whether your Board of Directors has 3 people or 30, keeping communications organized and everyone informed is one of the biggest obstacles Boards of Directors face.

Our web-based software ensures everyone gets the message and everything is recorded in one place. Best of all, as a member, there are no new tools to learn or software to install. No more forgetting to ‘cc the right members or forgetting to hit ‘reply-all.’

  • Store Messages in One Place
  • Simple – Reply-Once – Functionality
  • Keep Using Email as Usual
  • Drastically Reduce New Board Member Learning Time
  • Messages Routed Based on Your Criteria (Committee, Name, etc.)

Automatic Reporting

Board Management’s Automatic Reporting allows you to quickly provide and see the information board members need the most. As an Executive Director, Secretary or the Chairperson of your Board, you need an easy system to pull back the data your Board of Directors is constantly generating. Just like any organization, a Board’s duties often conflict with the day-to-day administrative tasks of simply keeping everyone informed and retrieving information that’s already been created. Board Management eliminates that conflict.

With Board Management’s automatic reporting, there are no more constant attendance checks, physically sending out meeting reminders and follow-ups, or even reviewing of paper documents to check attendance. It’s done for you, saving your Board’s Secretary dozens of hours every year.

Our tool simplifies these tasks and saves everyone hours of work with the following automated tools:

  • Board Meeting RSVP
  • Board Meeting Reminders (Email & Text)
  • Total Head Count
  • Reporting at the End of the Year on Attendance


No Commitment to Get Started

At Board Management, we believe in simplicity, functionality and affordability. And while the other guys charge a monthly fee, user fee, setup fee, and even an initial fee, you’ll be enjoying an easy billing plan without all the added fees. About our pricing:

  • Accounts start at only $20/month
  • NO setup fees
  • NO contracts
  • Quick answers to your questions

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