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Jul 09

A Free-Marketing Tool For Nonprofits: Content Strategy

We live in an Internet-based society, every nonprofit has to have a powerful online presence in order to stand out in the crowd. Make it a point to create, write, and share captivating stories on your blog and via social media to attract people to support your mission and organization. Donors’ give, and volunteers volunteer, all because of a personal connection, lure them in with your stories, knowledge, and expertise.

Let’s face it; many nonprofits don’t have a substantial marketing budget.  Strong marketing is essential for a healthy nonprofit organization to prosper; create a solid online marketing strategy for your organization with blogs. Blogging is FREE, and is another way to boost your position in search engines and improve your online reputation. What is your current content strategy?

Blogs help nonprofits:

  • Increase their digital presence
  • Helps their Search engine optimization for their website: The more content (blog posts) you have, the more traffic will be generated to your website. 

Blogging Tips For Nonprofits: Content Strategy

Make sure your stories are clear, concise, and include a call to action! A recent article from Entrepreneur stated that, you need awesome, engaging content on your website to compete for organic search traffic. Additionally, we came up with some extra tips to make sure your content competes for organic search traffic:

  1. Be informative/educational: Share your knowledge to help others that are searching for it. Learning something new is valuable.
  2. Be creative: Think outside of the box, and be innovative in nature! Give your readers something unique and un-expecting.
  3. Be an SEO expert: Be sure each blog post has some SEO elements in place.
    1. Creative title that uses the primary keyword in your keyword search.
    2. Permalinks
    3. Meta description
    4. Images/videos
    5. Link to other pages/websites
  4. Be entertaining: Have fun with your blog posts, put out content that provides value. What is valuable to your audience? Everyone likes to be entertained right? Keep in mind entertaining blogs should still be of high quality.
  5. Be relevant to your cause: Make sure your blog posts are relevant to your nonprofits core mission.
  6. Be consistent: Create a consistent message- have everything you do send the same message.

The most important thing to remember when writing blogs is to know whom your Target Audience is. According to Forbes, clearly defining your audience makes all the difference when you’re creating content. Ask yourself, who you’re writing for? Start with the fundamentals of understanding where your audience is coming from; always build your audience profiles on a solid demographic base.


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