How to Set Clear Expectations for your Board

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Nov 05

Whether it relates to a short-term project or a recurring one, you need to communicate clear-cut performance goals and expectations to your board. In order to ensure that the company goals are met that brings in more money for the company; you will have to set clear expectations for your board right from the start. Below are 5 things that will help you in setting expectations for your board.

1. Don’t Wait for Performance Appraisals

You should not wait for performance appraisal to communicate goals and results to the board. It’s important that you constantly keep them updated about what outcomes you expect from your board and what steps you will take to achieve those goals and targets.

2. Establish Clear Expectations from the Start

Know that the board of directors wants you to succeed as much as you do. In order to avoid frustrations and disappointment later on, it’s important that you set clear expectations right from the start. You need to bring them on the same page about the scale of growth, opportunities, and associated risks at the start of every project or activity.

3. Listen to the Needs and Concerns of Your Board

Effective communication requires involvement of both parties. You need to encourage open dialogue where all the individuals are allowed to air their views and opinions. The more you listen to your board, the better you will understand their concerns and fears. This will help you to better communicate expectations and goals to your board and provide reasoning for your decisions.

4. Communicate Your Convictions and Passions

Nothing scares the board of directors more than a person who lacks passion and is not interested in running affairs of the company. You must show them that you are genuinely interested in betterment of the company. Before setting expectations, you have to reassure them and show your conviction and passion for the company. They will respect you more for this.

5. Set a Clear Agenda for each Board Meeting

You need to set clear agenda for board meetings when communicating and setting expectations. Tools like BoardManagement allow you to easily set a clear agenda and immediately communicate it to everyone on the board. Some actions that you can take to ensure smooth meeting with your board of directors include:

  • Communicate Agenda to the Board members in advance;
  • Set limits on speaking time;
  • Avoid board members to making direct requests to staff;
  • Set tasks to hold board members accountable; and
  • Establish criteria and expectations regarding a task of activity.

Moreover, you should consider making use of technology to effectively set and manage expectations for your board. The tools and technologies can allow you to set agenda, schedule meetings, record meeting minutes, and manage your tasks efficiently

To sum up, the importance of establishing expectations for your board cannot be emphasized enough. The above tips and techniques will help you in setting expectations for your board.

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