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Feb 26

Many people underestimate the role and value found in board of directors. Board of directors is typically senior advisors that oversee the activities of an organization and represent its shareholders. Typically you can find 7 to 15 members serving on nonprofit boards. Did you know the board of directors is the highest ranking body in an organization? Board of directors is typically high ranking individuals in the community already, giving them the reputation and experience to push an organization towards success.-The best board members want to use their talents to make a difference.


Define and represent the mission of the organization:

The mission statement defines an organization and is the reason for its existence. A mission statement is an explanation of the core values present in an organization. The responsibility in crafting the mission statement lies in the hands of the board. It is the board’s responsibility to make sure the mission is understood and carried throughout the organization.

Executive director:

As a group, the board must come together to form a consensus on the most qualified individual. The board selects, appoints, supports, and reviews the executive director’s performance. Over time the board evaluates the executive director’s performance by giving frequent and constructive feedback.

Effective organizational planning:

There are various steps in the planning process for the board of directors. The planning process can be short-term, long-term, operational, strategic, or annual.  Goal setting is the means to achieve certain objectives. Setting objectives is the most crucial part of the planning process. Objectives must be clear, specific, and informative. Objectives set the pattern of future course of action. The decisions made by board members are crucial to the life and direction of the organization.

Financial Transactions:

Maintaining financial accountability is a major responsibility of the board of directors. They ensure the funds are spent in accordance with board objectives. This entails asking sufficient questions until the budget is understood throughout the organization. The board also participates in fundraising efforts, at times they do make meaningful financial contributions.

Program & Services:  

The programs and services need to be evaluated to determine if they are effective with the organization’s mission.  Board members must routinely revisit and redefine the goals of an organization.

Public Image:

Board members must ensure a healthy public image for the organization. They continuously gather support from the local community.

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