How does your pricing compare to other similar software?

Jun 11

There are several tools out there that focus on a single board challenge — like meeting management, 1:1 messaging, group document, knowledge management, and others. We don’t consider any of these competitors.

We built Board Management for the modern board that needs to address several of these challenges in one place, together, in a way that just works. Just like companies have invested in departmental software (e.g. sales, marketing, customer services, etc.) over the years, we believe that this kind of software is worthy of a greater investment because great board communication is the foundation for success at every board and the organization they serve.

Doing the math, Board Management your board get started with a low as 1.85 per user per month. Now, think of the money you spend on buying just one employee a chair, a desk, and a laptop, you could have Board Management for 10 years!

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