What is a Board Meeting Minutes Template?

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Jan 17

The board meeting minutes template allows the organization to conveniently keep track of the things discussed during a meeting. Instead of drafting one from scratch, organizations can use a free board meeting minutes template to write down what went on in the meeting. A typical board meeting minutes template contains the name of the speaker, the time they spoke, and what they talked about.

The Importance of a Board Meeting Minutes Template

Courts, the Internal Revenue Service, and nonprofit organizations consider the board meeting minutes to be very important. For organizations, it serves as a legal document, representing the actions of the board of directors on a certain issue. The person in charge of noting down everything that goes in the meeting has to make sure they get everything on record.

In the event they fail to write down an event or discussion that transpired in the meeting, it will end up costing the organization. According to the legal bodies of the government, if the board of directors vouches for an event or discussion happening, but the board meeting minutes template tells a different story, it did not happen. There needs to be evidence of it in order for it to count.

How the Legal Bodies of the Government Interpret the Information?

The board meeting minutes template needs to state exactly what happened in the meeting. If a decision made for the organization faces backlash and a possible lawsuit, they have to rely on the board meetings template to justify their decision. They also need to know when and why they thought the decision would benefit the community and the organization.

What Does the Board Meeting Minutes Template Include?

In the board meeting minutes template, you will find the following information:

  • The organization’s name
  • The date the meeting took place
  • The names of the people who attended the meeting
  • The name of the person who called the meeting to order
  • The motions made at the meeting
  • The mention of a quorum, if it was included
  • The mention of the names of board members who did not agree with a certain motion
  • The mention of the names of the board members who did not take part in the voting process
  • The time the meeting came to an end
  • The name of the person who was in charge of writing down what transpired in the meeting

Who is Responsible for Taking down the Minutes?

The secretary of the board of directors usually has the responsibility to take down the minutes of the meeting. Once the meeting ends, the secretary makes copies of the board meeting minutes template to give each board member.

In the next meeting, the board members should review the minutes of the last meeting. After reviewing the minute’s template, the board members are allowed to make changes to it. Immediately after the changes, the previous template needs to be updated with the latest one.

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  1. Eric Laing says:

    We are a 5 member BoD for a 200 home HOA looking for better way to manage our monthly obligations. Ideally we are able to find a low cost, cloud based package that helps with official document storage, task, topic and event tracking as well as a method of capturing and keeping meeting minutes. How can your product help?

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