The Importance of Board Member Evaluation Forms

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Jan 06

The selection of each board member is based on his or her experience and knowledge. These successful individuals have exceeded expectations and are now being awarded the most important duty, making sure the organization meets its goals.

Does Bringing the Best on Board Determine the Organization’s Success?

No, it does not. In order for them to remain the best at what they do, they will need continuous training and yearly evaluations to ensure they are on the right track to accomplishing their goals. Evaluations of board members can benefit the organization greatly, as it will help improve performance on the board, the individual, and the organizational levels.

What is the Goal of Board Member Evaluation Forms?

The goal of the board member evaluation forms is to allow the members to identify and overcome barriers blocking their effectiveness. The initiative of establishing an evaluation program conveys the commitment of board members towards helping the organization exceed its expectations.

How Often Should Organizations Evaluate the Board Members?

The organization should evaluate the performance of the board member about every three years. It provides the organization with an overview of the board members performance, while also comparing the performances of past board members with the present ones. Organizations can hire an evaluator to visit the organization to conduct an unbiased evaluation of the board members.

By recruiting someone from outside of the organization, it provides the entity with a different perspective on the effectiveness of the board members. They can conduct both an internal as well as an external evaluation. The internal evaluation can also be conducted using software such as Board Management.

What Do Board Member Evaluation Forms Reveal?

Board member evaluation forms reveal the strengths and weakness of the board. The organization can then focus on improving the weaknesses by making necessary changes that influence the board member’s performance and shareholder value. If the board member evaluation is carried out properly, it can provide the organization with an impartial outlook on the best and worst practices carried out by board members.

The Issues to Address in the Evaluation Forms

Organizations should address the following issues in their board member evaluation form:

  • Discuss specific issues pertaining to the organization
  • Compare internal performance to competitor’s performance
  • Make sure their board members are giving the organization their 100%
  • Ensure that members are working toward achieving the organization’s goals

The organization can ask each board member to fill out a form. The questions on the form will assess their performance and behavior in the organization. At this time, they can ask the board members for individual feedback as well as suggestions for future operations. The key ingredient to making sure the organization’s board members are working in unison with each other is to promote group thinking during discussions.

Organizations can invest in board member evaluation software like Board Management to immediately begin its process. The software will assist board members to become stronger as a unit by pinpointing certain areas in their performance that require improvement and change. Start your free Board Management trial today!

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