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Feb 26

Team Building:

How- to build an effective organization:

The vision of an organization is a collaborative effort, one that depends on trust among team members. Board members must rely on each other openly and without reservation. The success of an organization depends solely on those that represent it– Board Members.

What is a team?

A team simply put is a group that works together to achieve a common goal. In an organization the goal is the mission statement. A mission statement defines an organization’s purpose and why it exists. In team-oriented organizations, members tend to have a positive outlook on the overall success of the organization.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” 

How to build trust?

Trust is gained, respect is earned, and honesty is appreciated. You can promote trust in an organization by being credible. The board of directors must be credible-they mean what they say, and believe what they say is true. A persons reputation is a direct reflection of their credibility. Demonstrate respect to your fellow members by recognizing their contributions on a daily basis. Giving ongoing performance feedback both positive and corrective can be beneficial in achieving respect. Exhibit faith in each others skills, abilities, and decisions. Combine ideas and improve on them together. A connected team is a motivated team! It is assumed that each member acts in an ethical manner in their business practices-Honesty is the best policy.

A few team building practices:

Effective governance– Understanding that the board is working at a collaborative effort to achieve all responsibilities of the organization. Governance keeps the organization running smoothly and soundly, as long as everyone is on the same page.

Being proactive– Think ahead of anticipated events, plan for change, don’t sit around and wait for things to happen. Proactive people take the bull by the horns and run with it.

Positive and uplifting feedback– Recognize accomplishments, give positive feedback, and boost self-esteem. Bring confidence back into the organization!

Learn about one another outside of the work environment– Build a relationship outside of the work environment. Get to know each other as colleagues without the need to be doing business. Team-building exercises can be done outside of board-meetings. Take the time to participate in a community 5K, go canoeing, or even go out to lunch before a board meeting.

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