Solving Communication Problems with Your Board

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Nov 05

Solving communication problems is important if you want to communicate opportunities, challenges, and risks to your board of directors. Poor communication is one of the main reasons for disagreements and frictions which may arise with the board members.

You can avoid this problem by utilizing effective communication methods to convey goals, expectations, and targets to your board. Below are some effective tips and suggestions to solve communication problems.

1. Get to Know Your Audience

The foremost advice to solve communication problem is to know fully understand the position of the board members. You must know their background and their expectations from the company. This requires that you keep record of meeting minutes and other tasks that can provide information about concerns and views of each of the board members. Once you know the background of your audience, you can know better communicate your ideas to them.

2. Provide Detailed Agendas of the Board Meetings in Advance

You need to provide board members with the agenda of the meeting in advance to avoid any confusion during the meeting. Ideally, the agenda must be communicated at least two to three days prior to the meeting. This will ensure that the board members prepare for the discussion, record their issues and concerns, and give suggestions to improve business operations and performance.

3. Use of Technology to Solve Communication Problems

Advancement in digital technologies has allowed new ways to solve communication problems. The reality is that we are living in a new era where technology contributes significantly to enhancing and improving business operations and activities. Consider using an online board management portal to set clear-cut agenda for board meetings, record tasks and activities, encourage collaboration between board members, and much more.

4. Take Charge from the Start

You must never go with the flow when it comes to discussing matters with the board. It’s important that you take charge when communicating with your board of directors. Start the meeting on a positive note that sets the tone of the meeting. You can start the meeting with a report that highlights achievement during a particular period. The board members will be positively influenced when you open on a positive note and show greater acceptance to your ideas and suggestions for the company.

5. Keep Everyone Involved

You should keep everyone involved when communicating with the board members. You must encourage open discussion meetings, as this will ensure that all the major points are covered during the meetings. Giving everyone the opportunity to air their grievances, views, and opinions will avoid problems later on. It will also ensure that all the priority matters are discussed in the meeting leaving no issues remain unsolved.

In the end, solving communication problems is vital to avoid disagreements and frictions from developing on your board. Clear and effective communication between board members will ensure that the group focuses on finding solutions to the problems instead of creating new ones.

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