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Community web award

Aug 14

activision-logoIf it is possible to narrow down every single non-profit entity into one, over-arching category, it would have to be activism. By that, I do not mean the video game development company Activision, who rose to fame creating such classic games as Pitfall and Kaboom! Though their creative developers have been entertaining kids for decades and their name is closely related to the term “activism”, they have little in common. Activism is what lies at the very heart and soul of a non-profit entity. Whether a non-profit’s outlet of activism is education, hunger, religion, political action or countless more, the desire to get involved and enact change is the foundation that any and every non-profit holds most sacred.

Board Management exists to help board of directors manage their board and organization more effectively. Through our platform, you can communicate to your board members with ease, record tasks to hold members accountable, keep files in their proper place, and much more. Organization, communication, and collaboration are the keys to a successful board for any organization. It is our mission to help you effectively manage your organization. While these tasks are not as glamorous and visual as the activists out on the front lines of the battle, they are absolutely vital to a non-profit’s success and ability to affect change on the ground level, or the front lines.

Community Web Award Sponsored by Atilus, Southwest Florida Community Foundation and Board Management

This is ultimately the heart of Board Management and its parent company, Atilus; making activism easier and more successful for each organization. Almost every team member of both companies regularly participates in a non-profit of some kind and the corporate leadership are active on multiple non-profit boards. It is actually experience on those boards that led to the birth of Board Management. It is also why Board Management has taken such a strong role in the partnership between Atilus and the Southwest Florida Community Foundation to develop the Community Web Award.

comm_log_officialThe Community Web Award is a grant that will be awarded to a local-area non-profit organization that is working to make a change in our area, but is lacking the influence necessary to grow and properly utilize the available resources that will allow them to effectively reach and serve their specific need. Says Ryan Ulrich, Designer at Atilus, “I really believe that the Community Web Award is a great idea and a huge benefit for non-profits. Most importantly I hope that we can have a great number of non-profits to see the opportunity that we are offering. I am very happy with the logo creation, design, and development of this project and I am proud to be a part of it.”

While this is not the first major thing that Atilus has done in service to the non-profit world (see their recent news on the Scholarship Endowment at FGCU), Atilus hopes this grant will help a non-profit make a difference in the immediate future. Says Atilus CEO Zach Katkin, “We are honored to help change the future for those in the great education system of FGCU, but we are also excited to see how the Community Web Award will immediately effect the winning organization bring change to its field of service.”

The winner of the Community Web Award will receive, in essence, a brand new website to strengthen the online reach of the organization. The winner, however, is not the only one that will benefit. The Grant Finalists (50 organizations in total) will also receive a free year-long license to our online software right here at Board Management. Keep an eye on the date, as applications will start being accepted on September 1, 2014 and your non-profit has a chance to win!

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