How Can Board Management Help My Board of Directors?

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Jan 29

Boards of directors are vital to the success of organizations and associations. By bringing together a group of diverse, talented community leaders, boards of directors often lead an organization in achieving its goals and working toward its mission. With any group of people, however, there is a level of collaboration involved. Whether it’s leading a board meeting or planning the next community event, collaboration is key to a board’s success.

At Board Management, we know the everyday issues that arise within a board of directors. Our team is comprised of both previous and current board members for organizations in Southwest Florida and we have one mission: to support your mission. Using our own knowledge of how a board of directors operates, we created web-based collaboration tool exclusively for the board of directors for organizations and associations alike.

We’ve developed (and continue to develop) useful features that help make managing a board of directors easier and simpler.

  • Calendar: our calendar tool will allow any Board Management member to login and view upcoming events, meetings, etc. In addition to general meeting details, you will have the ability to add a board meeting agenda, automatically have our system remind members of an upcoming meeting, and so much more.
  • Tasks: after board meetings are complete, follow-up steps and tasks are often forgotten. With Board Management, you’ll be able to assign tasks to specific members with a due date.
  • Agendas: knowing what’s ahead in a meeting helps keep a board meeting on track. With our agenda feature, you can add details of your agenda to the meeting invite itself so everyone is aware of what’s to come.
  • Messaging: tired of emailing a group of people? With Board Management, you can message everyone from one, centralized location (and refer back to it later without leaving your inbox cluttered).
  • Committees: each organization has its groups of expertise. With Board Management, you can organize committees based on their role within the organization.
  • Files: our file feature allows you to upload files into related folders for all members to access at anytime.
  • Directory: access all members’ contact information with the click of a few buttons. It’s that simple.

Through centralized organization, communication, and collaboration, Board Management can make managing your board of directors easier and more effective. We provide a range of plans to fit your board’s needs, including a Basic Plan, a Professional Plan, and a Premium Plan. In addition, we’re always happy to help when needed – simply contact us or visit our Help/Support page.

If you’re ready to see just how Board Management can help your association, don’t take our word for it – sign up for a free 1-month trial today!

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