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Nov 18

Account Ownership Transfer

Today user’s demand constant improvements to the way they work and conduct business. An abundant amount of features doesn’t necessarily mean a successful product. User’s demand features that maintain a sense of simplicity, those that are clear, accessible, and understandable. Simplicity and a small feature set is crucial in the early stages of a software launch. Ongoing user research is going to tell us whether the users want to see more features.

  1. What is the new feature? Account ownership transfer allows users to transfer the ownership of the account to someone within the same association.
  2. Does this upgrade require little or no effort- and absolutely no disruption on the client’s part? The client doesn’t have to do anything, it is automatically built in with all accounts. No effort is needed.
  3. How often are new features introduced? Pace of innovation? We try to release one new feature a month, at the same time we also work on improvement requests that users ask for. The software is still fairly new, effective user feedback will be used to improve our software.
  4. What purpose does it serve? If you do not want access to the account anymore the feature allows you to transfer it to someone else in your organization. Some reasons you may need to transfer ownership:
    1. No longer with the association
    2. Tired of paying the bill
    3. You could be technology savvy and signed up for the free-trial at Board Management, 30 days have passed and you are interested in using the software for your organization, you speak to the current executive director and he asks you to transfer the account to him so you can start your Board Management membership.
    4. Changing roles and responsibilities in your board might require that you change the overall account ownership to a different person.
  5. How does it operate? It’s a two-way handshake transfer, meaning that when the current account owner chooses to transfer the account to someone else he/she has to initiate the transfer-then that person accepts the transfer. Once accepted the person has to update the billing account as well so it reflects the new account owner’s payment information.
  6. What is the benefit for the user? If you don’t want the service anymore you can transfer to someone else at anytime, also you can cancel anytime.

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