Effective Communication|Foster healthy communication in your organization.

Apr 15

Effective Communication:

Effective communication is a key asset in all organizations big or small. Research tells us that effective communication is the groundwork for a successful organization. It’s important to actively promote and foster healthy communication in all organizations. Organizational communication takes a strategic direction, it reinforces the mission of the organization, and achieves the organizations goals and objectives. Once communication is established within your organization you can start communicating the vision to your outside audience. The start of healthy communication starts from the top down in all organizations. Effective communication helps build healthy environments where creative ideas, problem solving, and knowledge sharing can flourish. 

Foster Healthy Communication With:

  1. Positive Role Models: Those with superior roles influence and impact the overall organization. Senior leaders set the expectations in an organization, their actions, behaviors, and messages send a strong message to all members in the organization.
  2. Clear Understanding: Clear communication leads to a clear understanding of the messages being presented. Make sure the messages are understood and accepted.
  3. Consistency: The message carried throughout an organization must be consistent with each person that intercepts it. Senior leaders must speak with a “common voice” and “common language” on key issues, that way the information carried forth remains the same.
  4. Commitment: Make sure everyone is on board to deliver the message. When questions are asked make sure honest answers are given.
  5. Honesty: Everyone in an organization must be committed at all times to open and honest communication.

Benefits of Healthy Communication:

  1. Increases Productivity: Productivity increases when your organization’s staff is satisfied with their jobs and the level of communication they receive from senior leaders. When you receive constant recognition and feedback on performance from senior leaders, it makes you feel like you’re a part of the organization.
  2. Strong Relationships: Effective communication builds strong relationships. Human beings are naturally social, we desire friendship and positive interactions. Positive interactions will only make you more engaged and committed to your organization.
  3. Ideas and Innovation: Effective communication can lead to new ideas and innovation. Spotting new business opportunities drives the future success of an organization. Innovation is known to fuel organizational growth, the growth comes when you turn those ideas into actions.
  4. Strong Teamwork: Effective communication will allows for all levels of the organization to work together in achieving the mission and goals of the organization. Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” 

Ways to Foster Healthy Communication:

  1. Schedule meetings regularly: Too often meetings are unproductive and inefficient due to the lack of proper communication. Schedule meetings ahead of time to allow members to anticipate them and to plan accordingly with the rest of their schedule. To keep structure and order to a meeting have a prepared agendaready.
  2. Share your knowledge: Take a knowledge hoarding culture and turn it into a knowledge sharing culture in your organization. Knowledge is power, with knowledge you are able to make better decisions that will push your organization towards success.
  3. Encourage questions: Encourage everyone to ask questions and discuss their concerns. This kind of interaction makes people more comfortable with speaking up. It gives them confidence to address issues at any time and without hesitation.
  4. Input & feedback: Seize every opportunity to communicate positive feedback and results. Motivate your staff with the power of positive words.

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