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Customer Feedback Management

Jun 23

The Focus- The Customer

Customer feedback is an important form of communication that any organization can receive.  Customer feedback management is absolutely vital to an organization’s success. Non-profit organizations are formed to serve the public. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to know what people think about your services and how it benefits the community around them? Feedback is free, the community will tell you whether or not your organization is moving forward or backwards. “Every point of contact you have with a customer is an opportunity for you to improve your reputation with them and increase the likelihood of further business.” (Mange Your Customer Care)

Understanding Who Your Organization Serves

What do your clients need? What do your donors expect? What do your volunteers want?  Make customer service top priority; begin to understand the needs, wants, and expectations of everyone involved in the organization. Treat everyone, no matter what, to the highest standard.

With a good system in place, organizations can be held accountable to those they serve.  Non-profits will benefit substantially from detailed information about strengths and weaknesses.  Imagine when nonprofits start receiving high ratings and positive reviews from the people who use their service; this will attract countless supporters and donors.

Generate Customer Feedback

1.   Just Ask: With all the social media platforms today, it’s so easy to ask your followers how they feel about your organization. Learn from them, let them have a voice, and let them be heard.

2.   Non-profit Surveys: Gain a better understanding of donors’ reasons for contributing to your organization. A survey will allow an organization to begin to understand donor opinions, motivations, attitudes, and giving patterns. Try a survey today here! 

Dealing with Complaints

Every organization should consider all complaints as a genuine opportunity for your organization to step up the game!

  • If you handle a complaint successfully, your customer is likely to prove more loyal for addressing the complaint and resolving it.
  • Not a lot of people complain; remember one complaint may be a complaint that multiple people share.

Customer complaints should be handled professionally; put yourself in their shoes and understand the reason that triggered the negative complaint.  Every organization should have a plan/procedure for dealing with customer complaints that is known to your entire staff/board.

Tip: Never delete a negative complaint off Social Media Platforms or Directory Listings! Instead respond to them, apologize, and explain to them what you are going to do to help elevate the situation. A recent article published on Forbes explains, “How To Turn Customer Complaints Into Innovation”.

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