10 Resolutions Non-profit Charities Should Make This Year

2015 goals

Dec 30

With the closing of the year, you must concentrate on putting together all your non-profit New Year resolutions. Your non-profit must devise ways not to spoil the effort, energy and time in unprofitable ventures; rather the concentration should be more on construing effective steps, which might get you beneficial outcomes better than the existing year. Do you have an effective donor retention strategy in place?

10 Most Striking Resolutions that Your Non-profit Should Make this Year

Spending time with donors

Yes, that’s right. Time is money, so start by giving time to the people that matter the most to your non-profit – your donors. You want to turn a one time supporter into a long-term investor, but first truly believe that your donors matter. Invite donors to engage with their organization – make them feel like they are a part of the organization.  If you’re desirous to raise funding for your non-profit, you have to give your time to your donors, as this is the best option for availing funding for non-profit organizations.

Make the donors feel special

Definitely, it is your responsibility to ensure that the donors feel special. You must make them feel proud of what they have done. Therefore, you should thank them, show them loyalty, and show them you care. Have a solid online presence and in your website highlight what difference their gifts have made so far. You may also express your special gratitude to donors in your website – write a blog each month highlighting a specific donor.

Enhancing relationship with the donors

Building relationship is principle in order to retain donors in non-profit charities. Therefore, you must focus on building relationship with your donors. Create a donor communication calendar, that way you have consistent touches throughout the year – keep the relationship going.

Following an editorial calendar

While executing all your online and offline strategies, an editorial calendar helps you formulate things in a better manner. Make sure everything is duly organized and in that respect you must generate an editorial for all your blog, media outreach, newsletters, direct mailers, social media posts and website updates. Having an editorial calendar in place is one of the finest ways to stay organized in your non-profit. You must devise ways so that in the future you can add more content and do routinely updates to your editorial calendar – be open to change.

Integrating better communications

How does your non-profit currently communicate with your donors? Did you know if you develop a donor communication plan it can improve donor retention? Donor’s should feel connected to your non-profit, don’t just hand them a donation receipt and be done. Have a newsletter that goes out once a month to your donor database, make sure the content is actively engaging them and not asking them for more donations.

Generating video streams

Video is indispensable, and should be integrated in the priority list of non-profit charities. You do not have to prepare videos of optimum quality as they will not be sent for award functions but they must have some exiting quality, which will entertain and educate the donors concurrently. Illustrating your accomplishments would be a good idea!

Pay attention to what donors have to say

When spending time with your donors you should give them time to speak – listen to what they have to say.  Pay attention to the emotional needs of your donors.

Highlight your organization’s work

To showcase all of your successful fundraising ventures you need to go back and start counting from January, enumerate all your ventures one by one along with campaigns, which revolve around your fundraising efforts. Make sure to highlight them in a chronological manner and not haphazardly.

Get your organization’s brand name out there

Promote, promote, promote! Generate brand awareness in your local community, give the community something to talk about. Start by building a strong, credible brand and get your entire organization on board to help promote!

Optimizing SEO

To get optimum promotional success you must consider making changes to your SEO strategy – SEO is constantly changing. With SEO strategies constantly evolving, non-profits should adjust their SEO strategies to stay on top.

The aim of your non-profit should always be to attract the maximum number of donors for the betterment of the cause. So, go ahead, abide by these resolutions and make the year 2015 a fruitful and productive one for your non-profit! What are some of your non-profit 2015 New Year’s resolutions?




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